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Here’s how to find “the one.”

1) Research. Google “Equestrian Helmets” online and look at all of the different styles and price ranges. Find a brand or two that fit both your budget and taste.

2) Find tack stores in your area that carry that brand. 

3) Try on. Go have a try-on fest. Curl your hair and put on some cute earrings to help complete the look. (That is optional, however.) Make sure to try on all sizes and strike poses in the mirror. It really helps. 

4) Do the shake test… Meaning, shake your head around and make sure it doesn’t move. Check to make sure the strap is snug, but not choking you... They’re adjustable for a reason. 

5) Keep trying. Remember, every style of helmet is different meaning weights will vary, sleekness will be different, rhinestones may or may not be included. Don’t give up just because you found a bad fit. There are plenty of other helmets in the sea… I mean, store.

6) Don't leave empty handed. Put on your big girl panties and buy the helmet that fits you. Don’t keep making excuses or backing out, the first step is the toughest. Take it.

Once you’ve got your helmet, you’re going to be one of two people.

Person 1: You wear your helmet (You rock!) The End.

Person 2: You have your helmet, but you still can’t seem to make yourself put the thing on. 

If you're Person 2:
You bought it, so use it.
It’s going to be hard. You’re probably going to feel dumb putting one on when you’re just going to ride your trusty steed around casually. You’re probably going to feel embarrassed to wear it in front of people. You might feel like everyone is staring at you when you are in public. I know these things because I went through them, too.

Do it anyway. Put your chin up and go enjoy your ride. Stop thinking self-conscious thoughts; they are infectious and not in a good way. The sooner you stop worrying about what you look like, the sooner you can move on to the next step which is realizing that….

If you’re in the right company: No one cares that you have a helmet on and they didn’t even give it a second thought.
If you’re in the wrong company: You don’t care what they think of you anyway.

You’ll also find that the helmet you dreaded for so long is actually comfortable, lightweight and isn’t any hotter than a baseball cap. If you’re really fortunate and found your helmet soul mate, you’ll forget you even have it on, frequently.

That’s it. That’s all it takes--A little bit of research and some bravery for the first few mentally uncomfortable rides. Stick it out and make it a habit. Be proud of yourself for rising above whatever fear of judgment that was holding you back. 

Be proud that you found “the one.”

Be proud for being #HelmetTough.

Finding the perfect guy is hard. You might have to meet a lot of frogs before you find your prince. You might get so frustrated in meeting those frogs that you decide, “all frogs are the same” and you’ll "never give another one a chance again." 

But is that really fair? 

Trying to find the perfect helmet is un-mistakenly similar to trying to find your prince charming. While I can’t help you find your perfect guy, I can help you find your perfect helmet… The next best thing.

If you’ve ever thought things like, “They are extremely hot and uncomfortable and one that isn’t, isn't exactly affordable,” or “I can't find one that fits properly. They are too small or too big. I don't like it bouncing around on my head and I don't like it too tight, it gives me a headache,” you're not alone. 

I don’t blame anyone for deciding to eliminate a helmet because it doesn’t fit properly. I have always said that if I didn’t have a helmet that was comfortable and lightweight, I wouldn’t have started wearing it. I wouldn’t want anything bouncing around my head or squeezing my brains out either. It’s just disappointing that a less than positive experience with a helmet has the power to give all helmets a bad wrap, abolishing the chance for a helmet to prove itself any different. Poor helmet.

Year by year, helmet companies have come leaps and bounds to make equestrian helmets comfortable, lighter, better fitting, more stylish and even affordable. If you haven’t tried one on recently, your thoughts about them are most likely inaccurate. 

Everyone’s head is different thus; everyone is going to find a certain helmet, fit, and style to be more comfortable than others. If you try a helmet on that feels utterly terrible on, Don’t. Give. Up. There is a helmet out there made just for you, one that you can fall head-over-heels in love with, safely… pun intended.

"Finding 'The One'" Copyrighted by Nicole Aichele & HelmetTough. Please contact info@helmettough.com for reprinting rights.